last night i discussed with a friend i’ve not seen for while, and everything reminded me why i felt in love with him a long time ago

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Same with me but it was with the twins I loved Fred more than George.

OMG you’re not going to believe me, but THE SAME! Fred is the best of the twins, and i’ve his wand (idk but i think it soundS weird, no? or i’ve just some ideas it’s late forgive me)

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#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context

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“Some people are worth melting for.”

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have you ever betrayed a character by loving another character more than them idk where I'm going with this lol - queen-sansaa

omg what is this question! uhm, i think… IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME WITH ME hahah i don’t know how to respond to that… i remember, for example, in hp, i was so in love with the twins, and then SIRIUS BLACK ARRIVED IT WAS THE END OF ME and yeah i felt like i was betraying my love for the twins with him! and it can happen with a character from a book to another book, or movie to another movie, i’m a total mess

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Have you ever kissed a girl? - Anonymous

yeah i have, i remember it was cool and funny, it happened in an unexpected way haha

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